Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Psych Critics: Internet Under the Hammer

Censorship and Persecution

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I had put my posts on blogspot in hibernation and intended to re-calibrate and repost them this year when current events snagged my attention. I thought I had been posting on a user-friendly, net neutrality internet.  I realized Globalist Brutality, not neutrality ;)  was at work.

My Experience: The Failure of Success.

I should begin by saying that my very existence makes me an 'Enemy of the State', at least the type of State we currently have.  I am not supposed to exist, I do not exist, I am stateless and civilization-less.  If I do exist it is necessary to  un-exist me. People who have  severe disorders such as I had do not get cured, they get  "recovered"  ie psychologically flattened and dependent on all knowing minders who have relieved them of their 'suffering'  and of everything else that matters.

From the first phase of being cured  my file was transferred from "permanent' to ordinary and I was kicked off social assistance  because I did not need psych meds anymore and two different psychiatrists signed  me off as "fit to hold employment and not needing "treatment" (medication).. Fine, right?  A new Start.
No. not to be. "You must have a problem considering your history". I heard these words from the Government official who refused to give me the address of the employer who had posted the job opening  on the employment wall. He dismissed the idea of some airy-fairy, "touchy feely", therapy groups as being of any importance.
The job had  been for a simple entry level factory maintenance position, something at that point I could do sleep-walking.    And I heard pronouncements in many other variations from direct walk in applications elsewhere.
And I quickly learned that to explain myself to anyone who I really was, was a disaster. No one gets cured. There is nothing even close to the paradigm of human emotional growth in the  public consciousness. Everything and the way people are is "fixed" , for what reason they don't know and no one explains it.  Whoever I told,  I simply made them suspicious  and alienated them. So I lived a life in the Phantom Zone. One self, one identity presented to the humans, one self , one identity  being the real me.  I overcame my difficulties by learning a code of silence,  my own "Omerta", I buried my past in an unmarked grave.

The Phantom Zone, anonymity, is quite comfortable To tell humans the truth about themselves, to to oppose a murderous and ruthless 100 million dollar a year Psych-Med Industry as well as their allies in Government the Cultural Marxist totalitarians is quite dangerous.


Internet's Guernica - Google, Facebook, Twitter
So everything I say, the Globalist Economic elite will consider "hate speech"  and inappropriate content for a well -ordered society. The Psychiatric Industry considers Robert Whitaker  a "menace" (That is a direct quote).  All psych activists  are a menace to Globalist Economic Supremacism..

So just when I decided to re-activate my Psych Activism, I found the world in a major crisis. It was a crisis I predicted Cassandra-like, for years. I saw it coming 15 years ago.

Where We are now:  X Marks the Spot


"X" Marks where we are now

I intend to be offensive, in fact I am coming back to go on the offensive. I am going to wage war on socially induced insanity. Previously I was censored on almost every site I published or commented I retired my Blog temporarily because of this, giving up in disgust.  I came to realize that the opposition to healthy human growth processes is universally entrenched in virtually all of society and it needs a major shakeup. I have to understand this and be no more Mr. Nice Guy.  .  What I have to say is very unique base on my unique experience in transforming from major dysfunction to weller-than-well
However, apparently it is something that even those who oppose Bio-Med Psychiatry do not want to hear. They love my posts that have glowing descriptions of states of being weller that well of what I achieved, , but when they learn of what must accompany health they reject me in horror.    My truth which is very unique is not socially acceptable.  Although people want health, they have been indoctrinated in world views, in social paradigms which ensure they will never have it. These indoctrinations must be hammered and broken.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Origin of Safe Spaces and Political Psychiatry

Safe Spaces - Not what they seem to be.
Indoctrination Bubbles.                                                   Most universities in North America have become indoctrination centers for Cultural Marxism.or even worse they produce dehumanized programmable humans. Their now salient well known political characteristics as "safe spaces" and avoiding "triggering" are to me  are obviously derived from Biomed Psychotherapeutic methodology.. Probably "micro-aggressions" and a few other key concepts are an outgrowth of this methodology as well.

Biomed Psychiatry found that it was not sufficient just to lobotomize a person emotions (relieving them of their "suffering") and impairing their cognitive judgment.  Patients have a disastrous tendency to want to become well  which accounts for one the chief reasons for  non drug compliance.The mad may be crazy but they are not stupid, they know instinctively that their their problems are not being solved.   So the BioMed Industry  needed to develop concurrent psychosocial methods to enforce behaviour control. Thus BioMed Psychiatry developed an Ideology and methodology concurrent with the actual practice of distributing drugs which main functions can be describes as to  impact negatively or restrict the functions of the prefrontal cortex.

Happy Face Fascism in Psychosocial Treatments Safe spaces are neither safe nor do they have "space" for growth.  The safe space is an indoctrination or brainwashing  bubble to keep "disruptive" influences out and to keep the subjects in while they undergo indoctrination . Modern Universities are just "psychosocial treatment" on a grander scale. Since I am a product of a successful psychotherapeutic process, long ago I easily recognized Biomed psychotherapy as anti-therapy or fake psychotherapy. It's purpose is to effect behaviour control and compliance in the medicated person.
The context is that nothing can be done for the subject's perceived emotional problem - the drug is supposed to be taking care of that. The leaders of such groups or individual treatments thus concentrate on thought induction  in the participants to effect behavior control upon the person designated as  being a debilitated or somewhat psycho-crippled person. On of the key edicts of all such groups is "Happy-Face Fascism" in which no negativity (which might be curative) is allowed to be expressed. The modern University counterpart be 'Happy Face Marxism"  or no Anti-Marxist Thought allowed and all such thought would be demonized as as the usual racism, sexism,. whatever-ism etc.
 I know all of this information from many years of sitting in on psychosocial groups and getting reports from many participants of such groups or treatments in Hospitals, social outreach programs etc. I have extensive street experience.  What I have personally complied is very extensive and not well known or understood by the general public.  
This is from the DSM-5 recommendations: 
 "psychosocial treatments are social skills training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive remediation, and social cognition training.

Psychosocial treatments are currently oriented according to the recovery model. According to this model, the goals of treatment for a person with schizophrenia are as follows:

    To have few or stable symptoms
    Not to be hospitalized

To manage his or her own funds and medications
    To be either working or in school at least half-time"

"Few or stable symptoms " means to have had the "problem" emotions removed. This formula is easily adapted to any ordinary person. In fact this formula as with University students can operate without diagnosis or psych meds . It's a formula for social control.
The word "recovery"is a misnomer or Newspeak. The 'recovery person' has not recovered to anything. They are in fact disabled or in a state of personal dsyfunction . It is more like a "Compliance Model"

In real psychotherapy of course, the psychosocial experience is quite painful and far from safe a patient volunteers for this from positive encouragement from their peers even before thy begin the process, they want pain because they want life and once they experience the process they want more of it  So of course negative experience is confronted and not avoided and there are no such thing as "triggers" only things that the patient wants so work on to advance themselves.
All of these attitudes required to even start this kind of real work have been poisoned in the modern social environment by the ever pervasive ideology of From BioMed Psychiatry. This is analogous to how the idea of what a University is supposed to be has been poisoned by  the ideologies of Cultural Marxism.