Monday, February 17, 2014

Naqoyqatsi - New Paradigms Under Development

Naqoyqatsi - modern civilization wages repressive war on the inner life as never before. It is indoctrinated and contained in the common culture of our civilization. The common culture is dedicated to the aggressive promotion of repression and censorship of emotional development.Social indoctrination based on hierarchical social repression rules civilization. This indoctrination teaches people to destroy both themselves and others. It is no use to cut off the rotten branch of psychiatry while you are watering the tree of emotional tyranny. The indoctrinated, which is to say, the overriding majority of humans today, are lost,they have no feet on the ground, what is up is down and what they have learned to value as life is actually death. Every influence upon them , the overwhelming weight of a negative culture only further serves to crush them with darkness. .. The defense of the ego is not defense against repression by in fact is repression itself and the suppression of the inner life. Sympathy is taught as a misused tool to support repression, Sympathy is not love nor is it an mark of self-development , it can be used for any purpose. Change only comes from the courage to engage in contention, challenge and confrontation.


My writings are censored and banned across the internet, the most apparently benign sites turn out to be cornerstones of unwellness. I recently come to the realization of how deeply emotional repression and hatred of emotional freedom is indoctrinated into the entire population. What is treasured is emotional death and emotional blandness. The culture itself brings upon itself the modern scourge of mental illnesses along with its vultures, such as the psychiatrists and "government controllers that feed upon it. The fault is in the inherited culture. To simply attack psychiatry without curing oneself of the disease that produces it is absurd. The simplest emotion such as anger terrifies and confuses the population. Both psychiatrists and parents would rather their charges were mentally ill rather than be angry or live a life with anger. But is is something beyond acceptance of the negative that is needed for civilization - what is needed is confrontation and change in the public arena. Every negative process that goes unchallenged and unexamined in the public sphere goes on to infect the entirety and ends in death, destruction and madness for many. The status quo is death, anything that maintains the status quo is negative.


Through a long process of confrontations with internet groups, I have broadened my social understanding I have come to a new understanding of how mental illness, anti-growth process has been indoctrinated into the entire population. My understanding of the depth of this monstrosity, or mass destructive neurosis up to now has been pathetically naive and small. The inside obviously reflects the outside of civilization and has been a process of evolutionary struggle for many centuries. Mental illness in it's simplest definition is the result of externalized social oppression. Our technological society today has resulted in the the worst repression in a tyrannical, hierarchical system and indoctrinated mind control than civilization has ever been to date. For any individual to overcome this, they must renounce and denounce this entire system in the strongest possible way. To do that , they must first see it. This is a difficult task , it as the fish swimming in water must become aware of what water is - this can only occur by finding out what it is like to be without it.